About us

Oliver Kraeft
Lienhartstr. 5
82362 Weilheim
Telefon: +49 179 480 94 58

Internet: https://www.runnr.de

Responsible for content according to § 5 TMG and § 55 RStV:
Oliver Kraeft (address as above)

runnr (revision 1c026d0) is based on the following software

  • Google Maps - Anything that affects the maps is provided from Google (JavaScript).
  • YAML - All layouts are based on the YAML framework (CSS).
  • GeoNames - The SRTM elevation data is requested from GeoNames.
  • OpenStreetMap - Using the button OSM, the map from OpenStreetMap will appear.
  • Distance-Markers - The JavaScript class DistanceMarkerPointsCalculator by Shane Tomlinson is used. Released under Creative Commons Attribution Licence 3.0 Creative Commons Attribution Licence 3.0